SaVoir V8.3.0

New features 

New Import / Export menus, under File menu, allows to import and export swath planning files in several formats, including:

- ESA Sentinel mission plans in KML and CSV formats.

- EODC (EMSA Earth Observation Data Center) XML fomat, according to different schema versions (1.3, 1.4 and upcoming 2.0).

- Radarsat-2 Acquisition Coverage Planning (ACP) files compatible with Radarsat-2 Acquisition Planning Tool.

See example files in folder "C:\Program Files\Taitus Software\SaVoir\samples\extra\Swath plans"

2 New Solar panels modelling and characterisation of solar power availability.

New feature to configure the visible columns in Report Views, and their relative order. Configurable in Edit / Properties / Report / Columns


Outages are shown now integrated with the scenario tree, to better identifying resources affected.

4 Added Minimum and Maximum coverage area to the Coverage area constraint.

Export color maps has been updated so that exports in .bmp, .jpg and .png preserve the full image background (Map background, borders, background color, gadgets).

The GeoTIFF, KML and KMZ exports remain as before , exporting only the color map layer


Added frame length in km to the framing definition


Swath resize and pan with distance units


Now it is possible to edit swaths individually to change their framing configuration, and shorten and lengthen to the next full frame, via right click menu


Swath selection with mouse actions has been modified as follows:

CTRL + LEFT CLICK on swath

Highlight cumulatively the next swath under the mouse, and dim all other swaths.

If move the mouse to other location and continue with CTRL + LEFT CLICK, the previous selections remain selected (highlighted)

CTRL or SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK Dim the highlighted swath under the mouse
Fixed source 
1 Fixed crash when loading gantt files with style sheet
2 Fixed crash when no internet connection and SaVoir tries to do license verification
3 Fixed zero duration swaths after transition constraint. Now they are removed.
4 Fixed quota constraint for regions, which failed with steerable sensors
5 Fixed quota constraint for sensors, which did not calculate properly the accumulation of events in the quota period
6 Fixed quota editing in the sensor and quota wizards
7 Fixed quota editing in the properties pane for steerable sensors, which did not propagate the quotas to the different sensor modes

Fixed time format errors. The output format for XML files has been normalised according to ISO 8601 with the format yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ.

The Z is appended to the end for UTC time.

9 Fixed constellation wizard to produce "same plane constellations" which can be saved and reloaded back.
10 Fixed sensor steering algorithm, which missed a boundary steering position due to wrong equality check, resulting in rare cases in swaths not being generated when obvious coverage opportunity was possible.

Fixed report sorting by check box column, and report grouping be check box column.


Fixed report grouping using the checkbox column, to allow grouping selected (ON) and unselected (OFF) items in different collasable groups.

Configuration updates 
1 Added Haiyang-2B after its recent launch
2 Added Haiyang-2A
3 RADARSAT-2 configuration has been fixed to implement correct frame sizes and min frame size constraint
4 RADARSAT-2 configuration has been fixed to implement the polarization settings of MDA's APT
5 Updated RADARSAT-2 beam configuration following latest updates of MDA's APT BeamDefinitions.cfg file
6 Sentinel-3B orbit has been updated to remove Sun Synchronous parameters, due to transfer orbit on going

Added NOVASAR-1 after it recent launch

8 Added SSTL-S1-4 after its recent launch
9 Set MOHAMED VI-B operational orbit after its recent launch
10 Added METOP-C operational orbit after its recent launch
11 Added KHALIFASAT after its recent launch
12 Added SAOCOM-1A after its recent launch


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