ESOV Swath Control Files

ESA's Earth Observation Swath and Orbit Visualization (ESOV) tool can generate and import Swath Control Files (SCF), in XML format.

One SCF file may contain any number of swaths of a single mission, each swath defined by its start and stop times, and with information of swath colour and appearance.


An SCF file can be imported vie menu File / Import / ESOV Swath Control File ...

It may occur ESOV's nomenclature for satellite and sensor will defer from those available in the current scenario, in which case the user will be prompted to explicitly specify the satellite and / or sensor applicable, to allow SaVoir ingesting the swaths correctly


SaVoir can export any given plan containing swaths in the SCF format, suitable for importing by the ESOV tool.

Export is triggered in menu File / Export / ESOV Swath Control File ...


Example SCF files can be found in the samples folder, within the installation directory, typically in folder C:\Program Files\Taitus Software\SaVoir\samples\Extra\Swath plans\esov


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