Two step

The following parameters can be configured

Two Step OFF Two Step ON


The Two Step algorithm is based on the concept of Incremental Contribution (IC):

- The Contribution of a swath to the coverage is the portion of the AOI covered by the swath (in the figure below is A +  B).

- The IC is the portion of the of AOI covered in exclusivity by the swath, without overlapping other swaths. It is provided as a % ratio. In the figure below IC = B / (A + B)

The two-step optimization algorithm will attempt to choose swaths with high IC, resulting in a final solution with low overlap.

The algorithm is iterative according to the following logic:

(1) obtain a first step optimization solution, and proceed to refine in the second step as follows

(2) remove all swaths with IC < "IC threshold"

(3) from the remaining swaths select the swath with lowest IC

(4) if "lowest IC" >=  "IC minimum" then go to step 9

(5) remove swath with lowest IC

(6) re-evaluate all the remaining swaths, by steering, resizing and panning to maximize their coverage of the AOI. As a result all ICs will be recalculated.

(7) evaluate the new resulting solution. If the AOI coverage obtained has an acceptable coverage loss ( < "Maximum coverage loss" ) then keep aside the solution as the currently preferred solution.

(8) loop back to step 2

(9) exit the algorithm proposing the preferred solution resulting of step 7

Configuring the two-step phase allows to define the following parameters


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